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Joe Morris – Sunburst


This mix is dedicated to party people everywhere… Vibers, dancers, innovators & creators. This mix is for the stranger smiling next to me in a field and on the dancefloor. This mix if for the people that inspire me so much it makes my heart bust out of my chest. This mix is dedicated to everyone who make things happen, who absolutely have it anywhere and everywhere they can. This mix is for them x

Zepp001 – Dearly Beloved [Delusions of Grandeur]
Domeyko & Gonzales – Unanchor [Death Strobe Records]
Julian Sanza – Fired Up (Toomy Disco Remix) [Solar Disco]
Carlo Gambino – Bad Habits (Joe Morris Remix) [3AM Recordings]
Bicep – Darwin [Throne of Blood]
Roberto Rodriguez – I Got [FINA]
Todd Terje – Ragysh [Running Back]
Simon Baker – Dead Air [2020 Vision]
South West Seven – Absolute [Solar Disco]
David August – Hamburg is for Lovers [DIYnamic]
Cottam – Sunset (Hunee Remix) [Use of Weapons]
Lone – Once In A While (Midland Remix) [Werk Discs]
Tomas Malo – Not Beaten Yet [Taiko Mochi]

James Barnsley – Something for the Sun

I have been wanting to do a mix like this for a long time now, something totally different to what i normally do and giving my people something good to listen to on those hot sunny days, compiling some of my favorite records i have collected over the years that make me feel good ranging from hip hop, funk, reggae and soul. I would like to dedicate this mix to every one I love and every one who has made me laugh, I hope you all enjoy the mix…happy baskin xx

1) Zimbabwe Legit – Real African Lyrics, from real Africans!¬† (Shadow’s Legitimate Mix)
2) DJ Vadim – Talk To Me ft Sena
3) The Buddos Band – Ghost Walk
4) Quincy Bright -Call It Static
5) Quasimoto – Come On Feet
6) Peanut Butter Wolf – Summer’s End
7) Bozo Meko presents – Spread Love
8) Taggy Matcher – My Adidas
9) James Brown – The Pay Back
10) Pevern Everet  РTestin Me
11) Slum Village – Players
12) The Dynamics – Music
13) Moto V’s Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (James Barnsleys Dub Edit)
14) Freddie Cruger – Keep on moving
15) Trus Me – Drilling
16) Singerman – Fire Fi The Vatican
17) Beastie Boys – Somethings Got To Give
18) Wicked Lester – Dum, Dum
19) Beatie Boys – Groove Holmes
20) Mr Day – Get Your Point Over
21) Antonio Carlos Jocafi – Kabaluere
22) Ssssh Edits – Whats Goin On reconstruction
23) Choonz Inc – Marvin Gaye Project (ft Bobby Depasois)
24) Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It UP
25) Pure Essence – Third Rock

Paolo Riozzi – Music therapy mix

On the 1st April i will be running the Reading Half Marathon for Nordoff Robins Music Therapy charity. Nordoff Robbins helps people from all walks of life overcome physical and mental strife through music. Running is my favourite way to absorb new music, and the escapism it gives me really helps to sort my head out with the day-to day B.S. we all have to deal with. I think everyone has had a moment in their life where music has struck a personal chord; inspired them or pulled them through rough times. This mix is dedicated to ALL of YOU who have felt that, acted on it, and let music play a large part in your life. This is me asking you to donate to a good cause and give a little back. Sponsor me: Read more: The mix itself is a live DJ set of all my favourite sounds, shapes, labels & producers that i’m into. Old tracks and newer ones through dub, house & techno. Enjoy the music & give what you can guys! x

Frenchy – Party time is any time


This selection is mixed with a LOAD of love in dedication to my bezzie bird mate and all round belter Caroline Michael as a 30th bday present…… Straight up disco party music that never fails to put a smile on my face and make me feel good, just like the girl it is dedicated to…… Thanks for being you! XXX Image by Maria Jaramillo and Gracie Rogers of Fotofillia Photography:

Lewis Oxley – Something like that


This mix is dedicated to Rob aka Mallinder. Thanks fella, this wouldn’t have been possible without you……… And to all my friends, I hope you enjoy. x