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Mikey Brain – Power Hour

This is the first of a selection of mixes I have wanted to make for a couple of years.  I am loving having a set up again and have been devoting more time, money and effort to searching out and playing tunes I love.  Hope you enjoy.   This mix is dedicated to my  good friend and cosmic knowledge seeking brother from another Duncan ‘Despo’ Wilson.  Your strength and resilience is inspiring.  Much love<3
Audiofly – Love Is A Drug Feat. Robert Owens
Jay Shepheard – Fuzzy Border (Zombie Disco Squad Romance Mix)
M A N I K – Crazy
Buckley – Catch A Taste (Subb an Adam Shelton Remix)
Elef – Tales Of 88 (Huxley Remix)
Prosumer – Tell em In The City (Prosumers Be Brave Remix)
The Timewriter – Smooth Controller
Dusky – Mystics
South West Seven – Waffles & Dinges (Huxley Remix)
Elef – Haus
Theo Parrish – Soul Control

Dick Cosmic – Treading


A mix for Alex Bennet AKA Acid Kennet AKA Sweet Ken. Person who got me into music. Much love.

1. Iron Curtis – Peoples (Ekkohaus’ Down With The Sax Mix)
2. Azuni – Nightshifter
3. Tont Lionni – Running Away
4. Jimpster – Sleeper
5. Two Aramdillos – Jazz Falutin
6. Unknown – We See Us
7. Dyed Soundorom – Tapioka (Agnes Mix)
8. Ethyl & Huxley – With You
9. Plasmik – Sneaky Dee
10. Franck Roger – Dont Leave Me
11. Chris Carrier – House Music
12. Noise Destruction – Z Track 05 (Audio Soul Project Remix)
13. Zwicker – Dragon Fly feat. Billy Oden (Soultourist Mix)

Keep on shining x

Dick Cosmic – Music for Ems


Back on the scene with another mix about love. This mix is dedicated to my wife to be, Emily. May our life together be full of love, laughter, friends and music. xxx

Dick Cosmic – Moving parts


A mix for Tristan da Cunha. A great friend and a total inspiration. My favourite DJ and one seriously special viber. No one out there like you dude. Massive love. All the best with your new venture and new family. May your futures all shine bright. This is a mix of some of my favourite records. Effortlessley cool tracks from the deepside.

Scott Martin – Is it summer yet?


Friends…. the ones i’m leaving behind, and the ones i’ll soon be re-united with in Ibiza! 🙂 “Is It Summer Yet?” does exactly what is says on the tin… it’s a collection of tracks that have shone through the darkness of the winter months and have given a ray of hope that summer is just around the corner. There are also a couple of classics along with a few up-front and unreleased tracks chucked in to this 2-hour long mix. Is It Summer Yet? Is a laidback and groovy little number, so slip off your haviannas, dip your toes in and enjoy! Some of the artists/remixers included on the mix – Soul Clap, Floating Points, Nicolas Jaar, Santos Resiak, Jamie Jones, Jay Shepheard, Agnes, Death on the Balcony & Ste Roberts… Technical equipment used for the mix – 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000’s, 1 x Pioneer DJM600, 1 x bottle of Mount Gay rum, 1 x bottle of DG ginger beer!