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musicforfriends – The Local Firm – Truancy

The Local Firm (Arthur Fenn & Pete Marcinkowski) – Truancy

For those of you who know Arthur you will know how much of a rarity such a thing as this would be. But here it is. A fine selection of trippy rude instrumental hip hop tracks taken from mine and Arthur’s private collections. One on one off, vinyl records, turntables, cups of tea and the usual.

Recorded in an old school during the week when everyone else was at work (hence the title). This was in the final months of hanging out we had together before Arthur’s daughter Marla was born and I upped sticks and moved to Australia. I have fond memories of this period.

Arthur: This is for our friend Duncan. Without whom i wouldn’t have met the beautiful woman who has changed my life. Or many of the amazing crew of nutters I am privileged to call my friends. Leeds Essex Brum Manc Sydney. Youknowwhoyouare. X

Pete: Seeing as this was a joint venture i felt i should add a dedication also. I am dedicating this to you Arthur. A big brother, a teacher, an inspiration and one of my very best friends. We have had so much fun together over the years. Here’s to many more. Keep on doing your thing bruv. Much much love geezer. x

Enjoy x


Dick Cosmic – Acid Punch

Dick Cosmic – Shark Island 3

musicforfriends – Luv*Jam – Music For Friends

Especially dedicated in loving memory of 2 very special young souls Seth & Leia…

This mix is for them and their wonderful parents Neil & Hazel. Always thinking of you!

A special selection of dream house for Seth & Leia to bop to including a few sneakies found on recent travels to stores like Vinyl Dreams in San Fran and New York’s Halcyon, plus a few from fave labels inc ESP, WPH and Luv*Jam’s very own Blind Jacks Journey and Legend Of Gelert labels. Some of his fave producers like Deep88, RNR, LK and Tape Hiss. Some obscure nippers on Itialians Do It Better and Phuture Nuggets and a few golden oldies from the likes of Tall Order and Chicken Lips


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Dick Cosmic – Warm People