James Barnsley – Something for the Sun

I have been wanting to do a mix like this for a long time now, something totally different to what i normally do and giving my people something good to listen to on those hot sunny days, compiling some of my favorite records i have collected over the years that make me feel good ranging from hip hop, funk, reggae and soul. I would like to dedicate this mix to every one I love and every one who has made me laugh, I hope you all enjoy the mix…happy baskin xx

1) Zimbabwe Legit – Real African Lyrics, from real Africans!  (Shadow’s Legitimate Mix)
2) DJ Vadim – Talk To Me ft Sena
3) The Buddos Band – Ghost Walk
4) Quincy Bright -Call It Static
5) Quasimoto – Come On Feet
6) Peanut Butter Wolf – Summer’s End
7) Bozo Meko presents – Spread Love
8) Taggy Matcher – My Adidas
9) James Brown – The Pay Back
10) Pevern Everet  – Testin Me
11) Slum Village – Players
12) The Dynamics – Music
13) Moto V’s Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (James Barnsleys Dub Edit)
14) Freddie Cruger – Keep on moving
15) Trus Me – Drilling
16) Singerman – Fire Fi The Vatican
17) Beastie Boys – Somethings Got To Give
18) Wicked Lester – Dum, Dum
19) Beatie Boys – Groove Holmes
20) Mr Day – Get Your Point Over
21) Antonio Carlos Jocafi – Kabaluere
22) Ssssh Edits – Whats Goin On reconstruction
23) Choonz Inc – Marvin Gaye Project (ft Bobby Depasois)
24) Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It UP
25) Pure Essence – Third Rock

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