Paolo Riozzi – Music therapy mix

On the 1st April i will be running the Reading Half Marathon for Nordoff Robins Music Therapy charity. Nordoff Robbins helps people from all walks of life overcome physical and mental strife through music. Running is my favourite way to absorb new music, and the escapism it gives me really helps to sort my head out with the day-to day B.S. we all have to deal with. I think everyone has had a moment in their life where music has struck a personal chord; inspired them or pulled them through rough times. This mix is dedicated to ALL of YOU who have felt that, acted on it, and let music play a large part in your life. This is me asking you to donate to a good cause and give a little back. Sponsor me: Read more: The mix itself is a live DJ set of all my favourite sounds, shapes, labels & producers that i’m into. Old tracks and newer ones through dub, house & techno. Enjoy the music & give what you can guys! x

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